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The List of Club's Actions for 2008-2009

We start the new Lions Year!


Lions Club "Minsk Central" purchased the domain name!



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We meet the needs of our local communities and the world.

Our 1.3 million men and women in 202 countries and geographic areas conduct vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide help in time of disaster and much more.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.



In May,1994 the Belarusian Folklour Group of Music and Dancing "Radimichi" met on the street of Lillehammer (Norway) a strange man. Yt asked musicants: "Are you from Belarus?". "Yes" - they answered. "Do you have a Lions Club in Minsk, the capital of Belarus?" - was the second question. "What...??? Lions are not ordinary animals for Belarus, sorry..."

It was a first contact of our future Lions members with Coordinating Lion for Belarus Einar Lyngar.

Now we have 16 members and 6 candidates to membersip.


New Action of the Club! We invite to collaboration!



Lion Raffaele Gallus visited Republican Lions Project


Friends from Holland (LCDeventer IJsselvallei) in Minsk - 10.03.2008


The Action "New minibus for Family Center in Minsk" STARTED!


Monthly letter of Coordinating Lion

(March 2008)

About our main activity:

The children in belarussian families are ill by cancer more often . Why?

The occurrence of illness is favored with external circumstances – especially by the radioactive pollution. Consequences of Chernobyl have increased a risk of illness for Belarusian children.

What to do in this situation?

Of course, to address to a doctor.

The Belarusian doctors – oncologists today are cured the majority of sick children.

Thanks to all of them!

The children are more than half-year in hospital, than - come back home – to the same family, to the same apartment, to the same city or village where there were an illness. The modern science has established a direct communication between the factor of psychological well-being of the child and the factor of occurrence of illness.

This connection is very strong and frequently there is the returning of disease, if the family, in which the child lives, does not change the psychological atmosphere and does not start to provide to the child new, suitable conditions for recovery.

The illness of the child is the message to parents – « There is bad situation for my soul and my body. I am ready to die. Help me. Let's change our family relations and family situation ».

Who will help family to understand problems of the child?

Who will help family to overcome a risk of returning of disease?

Who will learn members of family about new forms of communication which will strengthen psychological and physical health of the child cured by doctors?

The trained experts of the Center of rehabilitation of family can make it during realization of the program of social and psychological rehabilitation of family.


The program of rehabilitation is a new technology of the social and psychological help. It should be realized in correctly organized and equipped space. This space is a new building of the Center of families. We have started to create it. The basic problems of this process was undertaken by the Lions Clubs of Nordic Countries (Norway together with Denmark , Finland , Iceland and Sweden).


And YOUR help and support is necessary for us.

We shall be glad to receive it in any possible way. For example:

1. A money transition to the charitable account in Norway or in Belarus.

2. A purchasing of the equipment and materials for the rebuilding works;

3. Any kind of your participation in the process of reconstruction of the building.

We search for additional support from sponsors.


Please contact us by e-mail:

lionsby [@] yandex. ru or lyngar [@] (Coordinating Lion)



Charitable Action 2008 of our (and your? ;-) Club for the Family Center in Minsk!

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